Dogs Do It: Healing Naturally

There's an intuitive sensing ability in our canine friends. Most of us have experienced dogs seeming to know when we're feeling down and gloomy as the most appropriate time to jump in our laps and lick our faces. Or perhaps they've woken you up when the alarm clock failed to do so. They can also sense illness, pregnancy, and emotional stress, making them an excellent friend to have along life's strange and beautiful journey. And beyond the love and companionship dogs offer us, there are lessons about health and healing to learn from our furry four-legged friends as well.
The trust and unconditional love offered by dogs can work magic on anyone—even those of us traumatized by great tragedies like war. Their love and trust help us feel safe, which can be a big challenge for sufferers of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) who may be reliving images of situations that challenged their ability to trust and feel secure.
Dogs are effective at supporting veterans suffering from PTSD due to their similar behavior to that of the buddy system used in the military. They will let you know when you're really in danger, and if you are, they will support and protect you. The ability of dogs to take orders may be helpful for veterans conditioned by the standard military communication based on giving and getting orders. Dogs respond well to having a dominant alpha human, and while spouses or friends may not find this appropriate, veterans may be more successful easing into civilian life with an outlet for their military training.
As important as dogs are to our health, we must do our best to support them, too. And because dogs are prone to so many heath problems (from breeding, diet, genetics), acupuncture is an effective tool that can be used to treat a variety of conditions including cardiovascular disorders, respiratory conditions, neurological disorders, allergies, arthritis, paralysis and skin disorders. Acupuncture works over time, and dogs may need several sessions for acute conditions and regular sessions to treat ongoing illnesses.  If your canine friend is experiencing any mild or serious health issues, talk with your vet about adding acupuncture into the treatment program.
Maybe we can credit the dog's openness for his or her own receptivity to acupuncture treatments, too. Animals, including dogs, have been treated with acupuncture for thousands of years. (Unlike humans, they don't have inner critics or skeptics about natural treatments to deter them, either.) And proven time and again are the results themselves that show how well dogs respond to the balancing effects of acupuncture. It's believed to be so effective that there are now more than 150,000 vets and 700,000 paraveterinary assistants using acupuncture to treat their canine patients!
We all know that the bond, extra exercise and happiness experienced from our floppy companions have magical ways of boosting our energy, increasing our lifespan and improving our overall health. The purity and loyalty with which dogs love their humans is unrivaled; and that unconditional love allows us to love back in a way that's sometimes not easy to do with humans. Probably that's because unlike humans, dogs have no expectations, no rules, and no limits to their love and loyalty. It's an easy indulgence, a healthy dose of love at its most simple.