Patience with the Process

Unless you've been living in a cave, you've heard about those Chilean miners who happen to be stuck in one. They've been there for well over a month, in total darkness, waiting. Most of us can't handle being stuck in our cars for a noisy, congested commute home. Can you imagine living half a mile underground for weeks? If it weren't for the support of each other, their friends and family and the rest of the world, it's probable that they wouldn't be dealing so well, either. They have been forced to be patient, and it's surely much easier making that shift in consciousness knowing that there is a world ready to embrace them once it's over.
This story is a wonderful metaphor for our lives.  In how many ways have we also been trapped in mines, either of our own making or from situations out of our control? Relationships, jobs, illnesses, tragedies can all sometimes feel like they're inescapable.  Often, seemingly unknown forces can jettison us into states of severe depression and loneliness.
If you're one of the many people dealing with fertility challenges, you know it can often feel like a deep dark pit—confusing, scary and stressful.  But, little changes can help you get through the challenges. A shifting of your consciousness may in fact, be your number one ally.
We've all heard the saying "you are what you eat." It is an impossible statement to argue with and there are thousands of well-documented studies that support this claim. People who subsist on junk food develop diseases that many people eating a well-balanced, healthy diet do not. What we put inside of our bodies becomes us, literally. This is one of the foundations of Chinese Medicine, which has been successfully practiced for over 2000 years. Countless numbers of people have had transformative and healing experiences through changes to their diet..
There is also other ways in which we become what we consume, and that is through the inevitable permeability of our thoughts and reactions. While most of our behavior is learned through watching our parents, teachers and other adults in our formative years, we also develop the ability to reprogram and relearn how we respond as we mature. Where attention goes, energy flows and if our thoughts and reactions are negative, self-doubting and even harmful, we cultivate an internal environment—both mentally and spiritually—that is the product of our negative thinking. Though more abstract than how food affects our bodies, there is a significant correlation to how our thoughts affect every aspect of our beings.
This is why if you are facing fertility challenges, you will benefit enormously by cultivating patience and a positive relationship with the process. Shifting your consciousness will help give your body the ability to eliminate cortisol, the stress hormone linked to diseases and infertility. It can also help improve your digestion, blood flow and relax your entire system so that it may become a healthy environment for enjoying a successful pregnancy.
You do not have to entertain a particular belief system .You do not have to meditate or pray.  There are no special rituals that you must engage in. While these practices work for some people, they don’t necessarily resonate with everyone.  However, it is important because every one of us in body and spirit has a different way to recognize what motivates us to feel, calm and ready to embrace whatever happens.
What brings you peace? What helps you feel patient? Perhaps it's taking a long walk. Maybe it's cooking or cleaning or singing a song. As you incorporate these little daily calming practices, you'll notice they become easier and more regular in your life. You're creating healthy habits that relax and inspire you and this is a wonderful thing whether you become pregnant or not!
Those trapped miners in Chile have surrendered to their situation. The reality has set in that even though they are so close to being rescued, anything at any moment can change their situation. It has not altered their faith; it has not stopped their hope. But resigning to the reality of a situation can offer a great sense of peace. The same goes for your body. While there are many proven treatments for fertility, each case is truly unique. Subtle shifts in your relationship with your body image and your expectations can bring gifts that are going to benefit you in all areas of your life.
When you develop patience with the process of fertility treatment, you will have patience to share with your child. You will have patience to share with your spouse, partner, family, friends and co-workers. This relationship with patience—surrendering to the process of things you cannot control—adds up over time.. These tools can quickly become an integral part of your life, shifting your consciousness forever. 
Take some time to work on shifting your consciousness. Forgive yourself when you fall back to your old ways. Know that every little step adds up to a much bigger picture for you and your child.